1) DEKS-017 brand oil-water emulsifier demulsifier - is intended for the preparation (dehydration and desalination) of high-viscosity, tarry, paraffinic oils in collection systems, at oil treatment plants (UPN) and water pre-collection plants.

2) KS-017-I corrosion inhibitor - It is used in the processes of oil production, its collection, transport and preparation, in order to protect all equipment, pipelines, collection systems and reservoir pressure maintenance systems from corrosion.

3) KS-017-G brand corrosion inhibitor - Used in gas production processes to protect downhole equipment and pipelines from corrosion.

4) Modified multicomponent composition for acid compositions of the KMS-017 brand - is intended for industrial use in technological processes of acid treatment of bottom-hole zones of production and injection wells in order to restore or increase the permeability of the rock.

5) Scale inhibitor brand GHR-017 - designed to prevent the formation of deposits of insoluble salts on field equipment in the processes of extraction, preparation and transportation of oil.

6) KS-017-F brand corrosion inhibitor - A modern complex corrosion inhibitor.

7) Sulfonol - is used to treat drilling fluids when opening productive formations in order to preserve their oil permeability, as an emulsifier of oil in solutions, as well as a hydrophobizing agent of a solid phase in oil-based solutions.

8) Excipients OP-10 - are the products of processing a mixture of mono - and dialkylphenols with ethylene oxide. They are used as wetting and emulsifying surfactants in the oil producing, oil refining, chemical, textile and other industries; One of the advantages is that they are easily biologically treated in wastewater.
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